Travel memoirs: what you didn’t know about the unobtrusive and beautiful Bratislava


I know I promised to write about Bratislava as soon as we got back, but it took me a while for all the impressions to shrug  🙂

We visited Bratislava in August 2019, as tourists. Of course, we always turn every tourist trip into an active search for antiques and galleries, wherever we go 🙂 And that was the case for Slovakia as well.

In fact, I can tell you that we were very (positively) surprised by the Slovaks and their understanding of antiquities (or as they say: antiquity). They have over 10 antique furniture stores and an old art gallery just downtown. The offer is truly stunning! From tabernacles, German secretaries, Italian and Slovak-artists paintings, top boulle watches, all the way to small china items… Something for everyone.

When the supply is so high then the demand is also accelerating, we figured. Well, that’s one new fact about Slovaks that you learned from us – Slovaks REALLY love antiques and antique stores.

We enjoyed the sightseeing of the Bratislava castle where we enjoyed an exhibition of stylish furniture from history (as a special treat for us :)) Take a look at the pictures below.


Bratislava also offers a fair of antiques (in Slovak: antiquity, a very cute word) every weekend at Devin Castle on the last Sunday of the month (which we didn’t visit, but, hey, that’s a reason for coming back).

Apart from these antiques and galleries, Bratislava really offers a lot for less. We had the feeling that food and drinks were much cheaper than in Croatia, and everything was also much more relaxed and simpler (especially for a capital city). Bratislava has won us over with its antique charm and offer, but also unobtrusiveness, beauty and simplicity.

Bratislava, we will definitely see each other again!


We highly recommend Bratislava for a visit!

Until our next blog post,

Thanks for sharing your love of antiques with us!