The making of Katema’s new showroom


As we have already announced, we would like to show off with our new showroom.

We are very proud of our new exhibition space in Koprivnica.

It was a big and exhausting project (because the object was ROH-bau, it took a lot of time and craftsmanship), but when doing everything with love, everything is so much easier.

We wanted to share with you a few photos before and after the renovation, and all the details and the last “touch” we gave to the new showroom.

As all options were open, we played around a little. In the wall color option, we had royal blue, burgundy dark red and light beige. In the end, a rich burgundy red color prevailed. We also added our favorite gold color with rollers/patterns. I hope you like it!

SOURCE: Google/Pinterest

Decorative wall moldings (stucco) are a MUST, especially when it comes to this kind of space and this industry. As you can read on the link, stucco is the fastest and easiest way to make a luxurious impression in space. Uh, I wish it had been easier to find them in Croatia!

In business offices and showrooms, tiles are commonly used as floor mats (this is supposedly standard judging by the views we received from the craftsmen when saying we actually wanted a thicker laminate floor). We wanted to get the impression of solid wood, so we chose some rustic thick laminate that fits perfectly with the whole thing. Judge for yourself!

Our chandeliers have also received stucco work, so they fit in perfectly in their new home.

This project took us about 6 months but judging by our smiling faces each time as we enter the space, it was worth every second!

We would like to thank every designer and craftsman who has ever entered the new showroom while renovating, and we invite you to come to visit us and check it out in person!

Until then,

Thank you for sharing your love of antiques with us!

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